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Engine Blueprinting & Assembly

If you're ready to be a winner on the tracks, look no further than our engine blueprinting and assembly services. During the blueprinting process, we’ll carefully match and balance all of the rotating and reciprocating parts, optimizing their performance and reducing wear and tear. Once the blueprinting is complete, we’ll assemble your engine using the highest-quality components to ensure everting is torqued to precise specifications. The end result is an engine that runs smoother, revs higher, and delivers more power!

Power Up to Win It!

  • Engine Blueprinting
  • Engine Analysis
  • Component Inspections
  • Piston Measurements
  • Connecting Rod Measurements
  • Crankshaft Measurements
  • Valve Train Measurements
  • Cylinder Head Measurements
  • Intake & Exhaust Measurements
  • Component Adjustments
  • Intake System Adjustments
  • Better Performance